Advantages and disadvantages of latex gloves and nitrile gloves

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Latex gloves and nitrile gloves are well-known both in medical gloves and non-medical gloves. The reason why they are famous is that these two kinds of gloves are practical and widely used. Those who have used medical gloves know that latex gloves and nitrile gloves have good elasticity, so they can accomplish what PVC gloves and TPE gloves can't do. Now let's make a comparison between latex gloves and nitrile gloves.

Latex gloves are made of natural latex. The elasticity of latex gloves is not only better than that of nitrile gloves, but also better than that of all disposable gloves. The elasticity of latex gloves is the top of all disposable gloves. There are no chemical components, good wear resistance and stab resistance. To say the disadvantages, many people will think of latex allergy at the first time, which is not allowed Denied. But latex gloves are not allergic to everyone, but to a very small number of people. There is also a disadvantage that latex gloves do not have the ability to prevent static electricity, which makes latex gloves lose their position in the precision electronic instrument industry. However, the shortcomings of latex gloves are just these two points, and other aspects have reached an impeccable state.

The elasticity of nitrile gloves is not as good as latex gloves, but it can make up for the shortcomings of latex gloves. It is made of chemical synthetic latex, does not contain natural protein and will not cause allergy. Antistatic property is also one of the best disposable gloves. Now the production process of nitrile gloves is becoming more and more mature. In addition to the limitations of raw materials, the puncture resistance, wear resistance and alkali resistance of nitrile gloves are gradually increasing.

Each of these two gloves has its own advantages, and no one is weaker than the other. They complement each other's shortcomings. Choose different gloves according to different requirements.





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